D is for Diversify


General Motors…47000.


IBM… 60000.

What are these numbers? Great question. These numbers represent the thousands of dependant people who were laid off without an option. Doesn’t matter if they were a newly hired high school kid or a 40 year corporate veteran, to these corporations, they were just a number. And that my friends is why you cant depend on these “secure” jobs.

Many of my friends are doing everything they can to land one of these secure jobs but haven’t considered the fact that their jobs, their livelihoods, could be wiped at any moment. Costs get to high? Lay them off. Can we outsource for cheaper? Lay them off. Do we really need you? Laid off.

Who is really in control of your life? If you are just an employee, then its not you. You are still a dependant who cant survive without your CEO. That sense of independence you feel when your manager gives you more freedom on a specific task, yeah, that’s fake. It’s an illusion that our society and corporations have adopted to  make employees feel like real grown – ups when really they are dependant babies relying on their mommy for milk. I apologize if that seems harsh but it’s hard watching my friends fighting for these jobs, thinking that once they get it they’ve made it.

Robert Kiyosaki, founder of the Rich Dad empire, makes a great point when he says to have a business as well as a job.

First Rule of Investing: Diversify. 


Having a day job is great, but its only one source of income. You need to increase the sources of income you receive to ensure stability no matter the economic situations. Like filling an empty swimming pool with water. If you have one hose it will take days. If you get several hoses not only will your pool (wallet) fill quicker but if one of those hoses stops flowing you’ll still have several others filling your pool.

Diversifying my income streams has been my main focus for the last year. This is what my current portfolio looks like:

1 – Adsense Website #2

2 – Facebook Affiliate Website – great for quick cash

3 – Vending Machines Company – steady income

4 – Adsense Website – will be flipped and sold for a profit

5 – Part – Time job at a pub – for fun 🙂

6 – Rental Property – Held for long term appreciation

7 – Jordancapiral.com – eventually monetize the traffic

Stay Curious!

I am a dabbler, I enjoy dabbling in new things because I am naturally a curious man. I encourage you all to be curious, try new things, take calculated risks and diversify your financial life.

Some of you may be saying, “…but Jordan, I don’t have time to start or manage a business, my life is too busy!”. You know what? Everyone has time, otherwise we’d be dead. If you feel like you don’t have time its because your priorities are not in order. My advice, from personal experience as well as repeatedly seeing this trait in successful entrepreneurs, is to “just do it”. I like how Tim Ferriss puts it…

“For all of the most important things, the timing always sucks. Waiting for a good time to quit your job? The stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time. The universe doesn’t conspire against you, but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. “Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Pro and con lists are just as bad. If it’s important to you and you want to do it “eventually,” just do it and correct course along the way.” 
― Timothy FerrissThe 4-Hour Workweek


For those of you who truly are short on time don’t worry, there are some sneaky ninja tricks that I have used to add new sources of income without any significant work/effort/time required. I did this while I was in college, flipping a house, managing a social life and working a part-time job simultaneously.

I’ll write that sneaky ninja tricks post soon so stay tuned!

P.S. Leave me a comment, lets get to know each other, shake hand, and make millions together.


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