6 Best Habits For New Entrepreneurs

Life as an entrepreneur is extremely different than that of an employee and it requires some retraining to prepare yourself for success.

Firstly, this post is for entrepreneurs who are part of the New Rich, which is defined as:

“…Those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility.” – Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week 

I recently joined the New Rich and have some great tips that have helped me increase my productivity tenfold.

Entrepreneurs are directly responsible for their activity or inactivity. This realization that there is no boss to direct you and no employees to impress was a strange lesson to learn. I felt free but oddly lost. I had the power to choose between inactivity and activity and in the beginning I chose inactivity.

It took me 2 to 3 weeks to really get my ass in gear and take responsibility for my businesses because when you have the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want, it feels like you’ve retired.

1) To Do or Not To Do?


As a new entrepreneur, you are likely responsible for everything at the beginning, which means you need to manage your time effectively. I have found that by writing my to-do list for tomorrow, today, I am much more efficient.

This works for two reasons, (1) you will become distracted with less important tasks throughout the day. Having a set of clear prioritized points that were written prior to these small distractions helps you to stay on task. (2) When you write your to-do list the night before it allows your brain to subconsciously think about the task at hand. Try doing this and you’ll notice that solving problems will become easier. Note: Do not consciously think about the tasks! Work time is work time, playtime is playtime.

2) Where Should You Wear?

Businessman Stretching While Working on His Laptop

My dad taught me this tip and it has helped me tremendously, although he taught me in reverse order. Everyday my dad returns home from work he would walk straight upstairs and change into his “home clothes”. He told me that it helps him to mentally disconnect from his work, as if he threw all of the work stress in the dirty hamper with his socks.

For us entrepreneurs, we can adapt this in reverse. I work much more effectively if I change into my “work clothes”, which is usually some jeans and a T – shirt and out of my home clothes (sweats and a hoodie).

Not sure why it works for me. It’s a mental thing, give er’ a shot!

3) Don’t Work From Home, Work from Home Office.


If you’re working from home, ensure you have a designated place in your home for work.  It’s important to separate your work life and family life in order to maintain your sanity.

The best way to do this is to have a great home office. Every entrepreneur I’ve ever met has created a great home office because they know this tip works. Your office needs to be a separated section of the house, somewhere that is quiet, and somewhere that can be distraction free. It also needs to be organized and free of clutter because an ” organized office is an organized mind”. I’m going to write about the most effective office set up soon!

4) Take Breaks and Stretch yo’ Body!


Hello my name is Jordan and I am a workaholic. “Hi Jordan”, when I have built momentum for a specific task its often difficult for me to stop working. I have experienced several caffeine fuelled 14-hour days where I started work with the Tuesday sun and finished work with the Wednesday sun. Bad Jordan.

First of all, being extremely focused and driven are essential attributes of the New Rich, so don’t avoid them. All I’m saying is take breaks to separate yourself from your tasks. Sometimes taking a step back will help you to get a new perspective on the issue at hand. Take a moment and stretch, get that blood flowing, and you’ll find yourself producing better work!

5) Write it Down!


This is a great tip for you entrepreneurs who have more on your plate than you can mentally handle. Its effectiveness is found in its simplicity, write. it. down.

You have a huge proposal tomorrow? Write it down.

You have to write 5 more blog posts by Thursday? Write it down.

You need to get the dog fixed? Write it down.

Start writing down these annoying tasks that come to mind and then drop them. There’s no need to stress over them anymore, you’ve written them down and will get to them next time you start working.

Write it down…take a deep breathe…feel better? I thought so!

6) Leave Your Cave Once And a While


One of the reasons workplaces are designed the way that they are is because it works. Sometimes you need to work alone but having people around you, not necessarily coworkers will increase your productivity. Get a change of scenery once and a while, experiment with different locations, and see which one makes you the most effective. My personal favorites are the library and Starbucks (nothing like caffeine to keep those energy levels high!).


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