November Goals 2013

I had some free time on this frigid november morning so I took the opportunity to review my goals and aspirations. Here they are…

November 2013

– Build my online presence: I am making the transfer from a physical brick and mortar to an online entrepreneur, which means I need to build a following and reputation. I’ve recently jumped into a niche that I love and need to establish myself as a respected authority.

– Close [insert important business deal] before December 2013: Fine tuning this deal for a couple weeks, its time to close #excited

– Get christmas shopping done: Ho Ho Ho Holy its already christmas! I’ve noticed that time accelerates faster and faster as each year passes.

– Learn how to work from home (harder than it seemed): I’ve always wanted the freedom to work from anywhere. Now I have that opportunity but am having a hard time. First of all, Im constantly distracted and lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing. Im testing out some cool ninja work-from-home productivity tricks to turn myself into a productivity machine!

What are your goals this month amigos?








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