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November Goals 2013

I had some free time on this frigid november morning so I took the opportunity to review my goals and aspirations. Here they are…

November 2013

– Build my online presence: I am making the transfer from a physical brick and mortar to an online entrepreneur, which means I need to build a following and reputation. I’ve recently jumped into a niche that I love and need to establish myself as a respected authority.

– Close [insert important business deal] before December 2013: Fine tuning this deal for a couple weeks, its time to close #excited

– Get christmas shopping done: Ho Ho Ho Holy its already christmas! I’ve noticed that time accelerates faster and faster as each year passes.

– Learn how to work from home (harder than it seemed): I’ve always wanted the freedom to work from anywhere. Now I have that opportunity but am having a hard time. First of all, Im constantly distracted and lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing. Im testing out some cool ninja work-from-home productivity tricks to turn myself into a productivity machine!

What are your goals this month amigos?








$5 Dream Come True


Let me introduce Darren.

He is a homeless man who lives on the streets of downtown Ottawa from April to September and hopefully, if he’s lucky, in a shelter from October to March.

I met him on my way to pick up some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, mmm mmm good! On my way out of the store I notice Darren, he was sitting in the cold (it was -2 degrees Celsius) surrounded by old styrofoam coffee cups. I immediately felt like I should do something for him so I introduced myself and asked, “Darren, if you could have anything in the world, what would you like?”

For Darren, the answer was simple. Captain Crunch.

I didn’t have the heart to ask him where he kept the milk…

It cost me less than $5 to give this man the one thing he wanted in the whole world, a sugary cereal that rips apart the top of your mouth when you eat it. Not only was Darren happy but so was I! In a survey conducted by Harriss Interactive, they found that volunteering makes 76% of people feel physically healthier and 94% say that it has improved their overall moods. (

So Jordan, what you’re saying is that I can make myself happier and healthier by spending $5? YES!
So this weeks question of the week is:ASK YOURSELF: If you had absolutely nothing and someone offered you anything in the world, what would you ask for? Fruit Loops? (leave comment below)

Feel free to email with cool things you’ve done for others at and Iíll post them on here to be read by MILLIONS!